1. Promoting socio-cultural education, which seeks to uncover the societal/structural basis for the continued marginalization of adivasi, dalit and poor communities;
2. Promoting the development of adivasi, dalit and poor people’s organized positive activism and collective assertion of equal rights to land, water, forest and livelihoods in the scheduled areas as per Constitutional Guarantees enshrined in the Fifth Schedule;
3. Promoting the development of coalitions between community organizations, other marginalized social groups (e.g. landless and fishing/coastal communities), civil society, and NGOs in the interests of protecting and promoting constitutional rights and safeguards for rural marginalised communities in relation to land, forest and water resources and livelihoods;
4. Providing facilitative support for local livelihood based development activities and entrepreneurships that are consistent with the communities’ conceptions of culture, economy and “progress”;
5. Encouraging active participation and citizenship of adivasis, dalits and poor people in the democratic process of the nation;
6. Supporting collective and non-violent action to check discrimination and oppression on the basis of caste, gender, ethnicity and class, by promoting unity, cooperation and communal harmony among marginalized and vulnerable social groups.