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Founded as a society in 1995, VICALP is a grassroots organisation that has operated in six districts over the years, encompassing 21 blocks, within the Indian state of Odisha. VICALP began in the Gajapati district and over time expanded its direct operations to the districts of Kandhamal, Jharsuguda, and Jajpur. Currently, it is active in the districts of Puri, Ganjam, Kandhamal and Gajapati. The group was founded by and is staffed with members/ people who are mostly from the villages, are members of Dalit, Adivasi, and underprivileged populations in the area, and have worked for a variety of local and Indian non-governmental organisations.


Food For Security and Land Claim

  • In 1997, the VICALP and HELP partnership started with an initiative in just 30 villages.Over the course of more than 20 years of support, it hashelped150 village communities through inter-people collaboration to developMore

Vocational Skill Development

  • They were then given the opportunity to get placement-guaranteed vocational skill training in the trades of electronics, masonry, and electricians. Following the training, the learners received assistanceMore

Inclusive Economic Development

  • The Scottish Government/CA worked with VICALP in partnership with Christian Aid, New Delhi, and the Scottish Government to promote Inclusive Economic DevelopmentMore

The Foorest Area Civil Society Program

  • The Poor Area Civil Society Program was launched by VICALP in September 2011 with funding from Christian Aid and DFID.More

Encouraging Rural Enterpreneurial Networks in Partnershipwith with TATA

  • VICALP and TATA Global Beverages Ltd. teamed together to market the latter's "Gaon Chalo Project." The aim of this initiative is to encourage young people from marginalised More

Promotion of Systsm of Rice Intensisification(SRI) Work

  • The organisation, in partnership with the Sir Dorabjee TATA Trust (SDTT), promoted environment friendly, productive, and efficient methods of paddy and other millet cropMore

The Centre for Solidarity in Research and Development(CRDS)

  • The Centre for Research and Development Solidarity (CRDS) is a research institution that VICALP has supported in collaboration with Dr. Dip Kapoor, a professor at AlbertaMore

Humanitarian Response

  • In 2011–12, VICALP initiated its first Humanitarian Relief and Rehabilitation programme, dubbed the "Basic Needs andMore

Shakti Varta Programme

  • In partnership with IPE Global, VICALP executed Shakti Varta project in the districts of Gajapati and Jharsuguda from May 2014 to April 2016. Under this DFID-assistedMore

Dalit Empowerment

  • An animation project about Dalit Rights was started in 2000 by VICALP in collaboration with 50 partner communities. Alongside addressing Dalit rights, unity among the DalitMore

Odisha Livelihood Program Network

  • This collaboration was crucial in advancing the Odisha Livelihood Programmes Network, or OLPN, which collaborated with ten non-governmental organisations around the region toMore

Human Rights Campaign

  • VICALP carried out an Adivasi–Dalit atrocity monitoring initiative in the Odishan districts of Kandhamal, Gajapati, Rayagada, Ganjam, and Puri with funding from the EU/EIDHR/CA.More


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